Myke D | Producer

Myke D Producer Myke D Producer Myke D Producer Myke D Producer

In the new wave of rock music producers and studio sound engineers on the international music industry a new name rises from Eastern Europe!

Mike D is from Bucharest,Romania and he achieved many accomplishments in the last 7 years supporting new comer artists to their european appearances. With a fresh, clear and modern sound - Mike D brings rock music to the next level in time keeping also the nostalgig feeling of this kind of music. Working with Roy Z - the well-known producer of Helloween, Bruce Dickinson, Sebastian Bach and many more made Mike D to keep the feeling of classic rock music on his productions but also to put it into the modern lights and hearing.

Do you want your songs to shine?

Do you have the balls on trying something different and better than ever?

Are you a fucking rocker?

Well... If your answers to these questions are YES then contact Mike D at Myke.D (at) for the sound of your new best project!