About Us

Outlanders Productions Oy is an independent company with the purpose of supporting and promoting emerging and established artists. Based in Finland, the company operates also in Europe and the main activity includes artist management, promotion, concert production and event organizing.

Outlanders Productions was created in May 2013, when moved by our deep love for music, we decided to join the sinking business and try to live our dreams. Not an easy path, but surely lot of fun.

A song inspired our name, but its meaning was part of our history before. None of us is living in the country we were born in. We left behind borders and boundaries a long time ago and music helped us in that. It is time to pay back.

We offer different services for artists:

  • Artists Promotion
  • Artists Management
  • Promotion and production of events
  • Productions, manufacturing and distribution of physical records (Singles/CDs/Vinyls)
  • Digital distribution (iTunes, Google Play, Spotify etc)
  • Design of graphic materials (flyers/banners/posters/portfolio)
  • Websites hosting, maintaince, design and development

We work with our partners from outside of Finland and thus can ofer you better prices.
Send us or Facebook message, if you are interested in what we can do for you!

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Contact Us

Email: contact[at]outlanders-productions.com

Business ID: 2567309-2