7 March 2018

SCARLET AURA on North American tour this fall!

Halfway through their European Tour with Rhapsody Reunion, Romanian female fronted melodic rock/metal band SCARLET AURA is confirmed for a string of North American dates, with Brazilian band Angra! The American tour, comprising of over 30 shows throughout the US and Canada is set to take place in September – October 2018.

“We are ready to spread our wings and take our music and message over the pond”, says lead singer Aura D. “The world becomes a small place when you dream big”, adds Tatyana Shubina, manager and Outlanders Productions representative.

The confirmed dates are:

  • 06/Set/18 Atlanta Prog Power Festival United States
  • 07/Set/18 Orlando The Haven United States
  • 08/Set/18 Fort Lauderdale O´Malley´s United States
  • 09/Set/18 Tampa United States
  • 11/Set/18 Baltimore - Baltimore Soundstage United States
  • 12/Set/18 New York City United States
  • 13/Set/18 Worcester United States
  • 14/Set/18 Philadelphia United States
  • 15/Set/18 Quebec Salle Multi de Méduse Canada
  • 16/Set/18 Montreal Canada
  • 17/Set/18 Toronto Canada
  • 18/Set/18 Detroit United States
  • 20/Set/18 Illinois The Forge United States
  • 21/Set/18 Milwaukee United States
  • 22/Set/18 Minneapolis United States
  • 25/Set/18 Vancouver Rickshaw Theatre Canada
  • 26/Set/18 Seattle United States
  • 28/Set/18 Sacramento United States
  • 29/Set/18 Anaheim United States
  • 30/Set/18 San Diego Brick By Brick United States
  • 01/Oct/18 Los Angeles United States
  • 02/Oct/18 Phoenix United States
  • 03/Oct/18 Las Vegas United States
  • 05/Oct/18 Salt Lake City United States
  • 06/Oct/18 Denver Globe Hall United States
  • 07/Oct/18 Kansas City United States
  • 08/Oct/18 Dallas United States
  • 09/Oct/18 San Antonio United States
  • 10/Oct/18 Houston United States
  • v12/Oct/18 Louisville United States
  • 13/Oct/18 Fort Wayne United States
  • 14/Oct/18 Cleveland Cleveland Agora United States
  • SCARLET AURA’s European tour continues as follows:
  • 09/03/2018 - Zlin, Masters of Rock Café, Czech Republic
  • 10/03/2018 - Zvolen, Rates Sports Hall, Slovakia
  • 11/03/2018 - Regensburg,Eventhall Airport, Germany
  • 13/03/2018 - Munich, Backstage, Germany
  • 14/03/2018 - Mannheim, MS Connexion Complex, Germany
  • 15/03/2018 - Pratteln, Z7, Switzerland
  • 16/03/2018 - Paris, Trabendo, France
  • 17/03/2018 - Toulouse, METRONUM, France
  • 18/03/2018 - Barcelona, Razzmatazz 2, Spain
  • 20/03/2018 - Madrid, La Riviera, Spain
  • SCARLET AURA publish daily video reports from the road on their You Tube channel:

    23 January 2018

    Outlanders Productions will be testing a pilot project on tour: blockchain-based supply chain for the event industry.

    Scarlet Aura – Romanian female fronted melodic rock/metal band is currently touring the Europe with their “The Beast Within Me 2017 – 2018 Tour”. In February/March the band will tour with 24 dates across Europe supporting Italian symphonic metal legends Rhapsody.

    On this tour, their Finnish label Outlanders Productions will be testing a pilot project together with the band: blockchain-based supply chain for the event industry. In contrast to other blockchain based projects, Outlanders Productions uses a business-oriented blockchain without need for cryptocurrencies.

    Blockchain technology has been populating the news for the past few months. In essence, blockchain allows for a digital marketplace that is decentralized, yet tamper-proof. The transactions are recorded in chronological order, transparent to the participants and encrypted at the same time. This prevents any changes in the transactions after they are encrypted in a block. Blockchain is envisioned to disrupt media and event industries, especially those managing the royalty payments.

    The pilot project is set to test logistics of physical CD distribution and automation of payments between label, artists and customers (fans) and aims to solve problems of copyright management, piracy. It is meant to offer fast and transparent payments for the artists. This is one of Outlanders Productions approaches to develop the blockchain-leveraged platform as a service, which is used to distribute physical and digital assets, track illegal assets distribution and to manage and process payments in a fast and transparent fashion directly between consumers and artists / creators. It is specially aimed at independent emerging musicians and artists / creators .

    Outlanders Productions’ Digital Distribution & Technology Director and Scarlet Aura manager Dr. habil. Tatyana E. Shubina will be available for interviews and inquiries anytime via e-mail and in person on the day of the show.

    5 December 2017

    Rhapsody announce BEAST IN BLACK and SCARLET AURA as support acts for EU tour!

    Italian symphonic metal legends RHAPSODY are currently touring the globe with their »20th Anniversary Farewell Tour». In February/March they'll finally enter European club stages. Today, the band can reveal two support bands for this upcoming journey: Opening will be Romanian metal outfit SCARLET AURA. Direct support will come from no less than up and coming heavy metallers BEAST IN BLACK, presenting their recently released debut album »Berserker«. This package is definitely not to be missed!


    »20th Anniversary Farewell Tour« - Europe w/ BEAST IN BLACK, SCARLET AURA

    17.02. I Bologna - Zona Roveri

    18.02. I Treviso - New Age

    19.02. I Rome - Orion

    20.02. I Milan - Alcatraz

    21.02. D Freiburg - Crash

    23.02. NL Eindhoven - Effenaar

    24.02. B Antwerp - Trix

    26.02. UK London - Islington Academy

    28.02. NL Leeuwarden - Neushoorn

    01.03. D Bochum - Zeche

    02.03. D Hamburg - Grünspan

    04.03. S Stockholm - Fryshuset

    06.03. PL Warsaw - Proxima

    08.03. H Budapest - Barbra Negra Club

    09.03. CZ Zlín - Masters of Rock Café

    10.03. SK Zvolen - Rates Sports Hall

    11.03. D Regensburg-Obertraubling - Eventhall Airport

    13.03. D Munich - Backstage

    14.03. D Mannheim - MS Connexion Complex

    15.03. CH Pratteln - Z7

    16.03. F Paris - Trabendo

    17.03. F Toulouse - Metronum

    18.03. E Barcelona - Razzmatazz 2

    20.03. E Madrid - La Riviera


    VIP Upgrades

    18 August 2017


    A new record deal brings the Romanian act and their music closer to the West and North of Europe and thus the first material is promptly released.

    The single presents three previously unreleased songs: “The Beast Within Me”, feat. Florin Costachita and available exclusively here, the cover “Don’t Talk to Strangers” (Ronnie James Dio) that anticipates the upcoming album “Memories”, and the live cover “If I Close My Eyes Forever” (Lita Ford feat. Ozzy Osbourne) from the “Falling Sky” tour concert in April 2017 in Bucharest, Romania, that will be released as a live CD & DVD in spring 2018.

    “The Beast Within Me” tracklist:

    1. The Beast Within Me (feat. Florin Costachita)

    2. Don’t Talk to Strangers *

    3. If I Close My Eyes Forever (live) **

    * from the new album “Memories”, out in 2017
    ** recorded at the "Falling Sky" Album Release Concert Bucharest 27th of April 2017, to be released in Spring 2018

    The single will be released on 1 September 2017, pre-orders start today, 18.08.2017.

    More info...

    11 August 2017

    We are happy to reveal the first details of our two upcoming releases!

    For the cover art of the new single "The Beast Within Me" and the album "Memories" - click here!

    To clelebrate these releases there will be two special release concerts: at the Hard Rock Cafe in Bucharest, Romania - 30 September 2017 and at the "Der Cult" in Nuremberg, Germany - - 6 October 2017!

    Even more news - next week!

    29 August 2016

    Christmas Tour 2016

    Breath from Heaven 10th Anniversary Christmas Celebration Concert

    19.12.2016 LAHTI Sibelius Hall
    Tickets on sale from from 2.09.2016

    More details....

    27 February 2016

    ProTechU – The Digital DNA Genome Project London March 2016

    For every passionate copyright enthusiasts:
    The next ProTechU meeting is 31st March 2016 in London at 3PM GMT. Video conferencing available.

    15 January 2016

    Vlad in Tears

    Hello guys! We left Christmas behind and we hope you are as ready as we are to change soundtrack and atmosphere...
    We recently signed up Vlad In Tears as their manager for Scandinavia.

    19 October 2015

    Important news from us

    Around two weeks ago (2-3 October) we were in London, participating in the event that could possible mark the beginning of the new music (and not only) industry.
    Most probably, most of you are aware about numerous problems in modern music business. Generally, there is lack of transparency, unfairness, inefficiency and low payout for artists. However, there are number of people and organization that recognize these problems and try to change that.

    Continue reading....

    27 June 2015

    Tarja fans: chance for you to win an exclusive postcard!

    Dear Tarja’s fans, this time we need your help :-)

    One of us is currently writing a master thesis on research topic - the promotion of live music events and it’s effect on the artist’s career and image.

    If you have ever attended at least one concert of Tarja during her solo career, It would be very important if you could take few minutes of your time to complete this survey, created to collect data for the master thesis. You will have time to take part until the 19th of July.

    The survey is absolutely anonymous, but at the end you can add your email address and have the chance to win one of the 10 available postcards from The Voice of Finland signed by Tarja.

    26 April 2015

    Xmas WS special offer

    Special offer for Winter Storm members around the globe, coming to Tarja's Christmas concerts!

    More details....

    23 April 2015

    New Single is Out

    We are very excited to announce out first release of 2015, the third single of Viper Arms, an extraordinary and very talented all-female rock band from Turku, Finland.

    More details....

    20 April 2015

    Christmas Tour 2015

    Ten years after her first Christmas tour, Tarja Turunen will present this year two special events, introducing something new and different in her traditional concerts. The shows will present live Tarja’s first classical studio album, as part of her usual Christmas program.

    More details....

    24 November 2014

    Special offer for members of the Winter Storm Fan Clubs

    Members of the Winter Storm Fan Clubs around the globe and traveling to Finland: don't forget that this is the last week to apply for our special offer related to the Christmas tour!
    For Finland and other Scandinavian countries, please contact our friends at Winter Storm Scandinavia to know how to join the fan club!

    Continue reading....

    21 November 2014

    With yesterday's show in Hämeenlinna the Colours in the Road Tour 2014 is officially over

    It was an honor and a great pleasure to be part of it. The last two days have been intense and unforgettable.

    Thanks to all the people who were there with us, on stage and backstage: Alex, Chris, Kevin, Max, Tony, Thomas, Benny, Cedric, Oxana, Pete, Tommi, Xavier, Leon, Lutz, Sirja, Valtteri, Crimson Blue, Logomo's and Verkatehdas' venue managers and local crew. Thanks to all the fans for coming and for screaming loud. :-)

    But most of all a big thank to Tarja, for two great concerts and for being the most amazing person and artist we ever met. Thanks and hugs to the Cabuli clan, for believing in us, for making this possible and for all the laughters.

    We'll miss you... until Xmas. :-)

    19 October 2014

    Rock Competition!

    Like and share this picture to have a chance to win 2 concert tickets, signed CDs and posters. Deadline is the 9th of November. And don’t forget to invite your friends to the events!
    1. Two concert tickets, Colours in the Dark signed CD, signed Tarja poster, tour poster
    2. Colours in the Dark signed CD, signed Tarja poster, tour poster
    3. Signed Victim of Ritual LP, signed Tarja poster, tour poster
    4. Signed Tarja poster, tour poster

    Rules: First prize is reserved for Finnish participants, the rest of the competition is open worldwide. The winner can choose tickets either for Logomo or Verkatehdas concert (value of the tickets 35 euro each) and the tickets will be available at the box office the day of the event. CDs and posters (see picture in the comments) will be available for the winners at the merchandise or shipped by mail.
    Good luck! :-)

    9 October April 2014

    Giveaway time! Wanna be in our team? :-)

    Looks like the latest posts about The Voice of Finland attracted lot of attention and few new likes to our page… why don't we play a game then?
    If we reach 1.000 likes before the end of the year we’ll pick up our best “promoters" among our followers - one for Finland and one for the rest of the planet - and send them this The Voice of Finland promo postcard signed by Tarja. Maybe together with something else we collect in the meantime, who knows… we have a busy life. So… like, share (publicly, or we don't see them), comment on our posts, but most important - invite your friends to like the page, or if you live in Finland - invite your friends to our events. You might be the lucky winner.:-)

    23 September 2014

    Creative competition

    The official Russian fan club announces the beginning of the creative competition for fan clubs in all countries. The idea of competition is very simple: you need to draw the image of Tarja. The main criteria are originality and level of artistic skills.
    Dates of competition: from 23 September to 25 November.
    Submissions will be accepted by e-mail as an attachment (up to 4MB): In your e-mail you should indicate your name and surname, as well as the country where you are from.
    The prizes are:
    1st place - CiTD poster signed by Tarja and Metal From Finland collection double CD;
    2nd place - 1 Tarja Christmas tour poster 2014 and Burnclear CD (the band of Tarja's brother, Tony);
    3rd place - 1 Tarja Christmas tour poster 2013 and 1 Tarja Rock tour 2014 poster.
    Prizes are provided by Outlanders Productions
    Special prize from the Soyuz music: cyrillic version tour cd Tarja Turunen - "Left in the Dark"

    16 September 2014

    Metal from Finalnd compilation

    We are very happy to announce the final tracklist for our compilation album with Metal From Finland.

    First of all, we would like to say a big thank you to each of the bands and musicians participating in this album. We are very lucky to be working with such talented musicians, and we can't wait to finally share these songs with you! Also special thanks to Tero Tolkki of MFF, this would not have happened without you.
    The album will be released in October 17th and it will be available through Levykauppa Äx in Finland (also delivers worldwide), but you can already pre-order it from us at shop[at] for 10€ including shipping anywhere in Finland. Send us an e-mail with your full name and address and we will get in touch with you!

    More details....

    4 Septmber 2014

    Tarja Turunen Joulu yhdessä -kiertue 2014

    The enchantment of Tarja Turunen’s Christmas concerts is once again returning to Finland. More than ten shows will be presented this year, most of which in towns where she has not previously performed.

    In Forssa, Eurajokim Hankasalmi, Juva, Imatra and Kotka Tarja will appear on stage with Kalevi Kiviniemi (organ), Marzi Nyman (guitar) and Markku Krohn (percussions), better known as Harus. The band has been performing together since 2006 and three years ago released their CD, DVD and BluRay “Live at Sibelius Hall”.

    In Keuruu, Alajärvi, Vaasa and Valkeakoski Tarja will perform with cellist Max Lilja, the violinist Mervi Myllyoja and the pianist Janne Hovi.

    In Kuovola for the last show of the tour Tarja will be accompanied by the organist Kalevi Kiviniemi in a very intimate and touching moment just before Christmas. After many years of performing in churches and concert halls all over the country, Tarja’s Christmas tour is becoming a traditional Christmas time event, which in 2013 also included a special participation at the Ekumeeninen Joulu celebration in Turku Cathedral. Check out Tarja’s official website and ours for more dates and info.

    More details....

    2 September 2014


    It is our pleasure to announce our new collaboration with Northern Solitude Entertainment. NSE is a brand new booking agency and artist management company locating in Jyväskylä, Finland. Not only do they work with some of the bands that you can find on our compilation CD such as Lovijatar, Church Of Void, Prayed And Betrayed, Thyrien, Among The Prey, and Frosttide, but also our compilation album with Metal From Finland will be played and available for sale during all their shows in the end of this year.

    Their events are various and take place in cities all around Finland, so make sure that you don't miss them when they arrive to your city. A list of all their upcoming events is available on their page at the "events" section.

    1 August 2014

    Metal From Finland

    Hi everybody! We are very happy to announce that we received so many great applications for our compilation album with Metal From Finland that, even after picking our favorites, it was impossible to fit them all in 80 minutes, so we decided to release it as a double CD!
    Starting today, every day at 18:00 o'clock Finnish time we will announce one new band, so keep checking our page for the latest news! The complete list of bands and songs, together with the release date, will be announced on the last day.

    28 June 2014

    Tarja returns to Finland with two Rock shows!

    The two-year-long Colours in the Road tour continues and two extra dates in Finland have been finally added. The queen of symphonic rock will present live her highly acclaimed latest rock album Colours in the Dark. Released in 2013 it has been welcomed by the press as “Tarja’s best solo album so far” (Soundi), “overwhelming, surprising and massive” (Aardschok) and “truly magnificent” (Metal Italia). Colours in the Dark opens a new important chapter in her rock career and makes her shows an event not to be missed by her fans. This is also a perfect introduction to those who have yet to enjoy the colours of her music and her faultless vocals. Check out Tarja’s official website for more dates and info.

    More details....

    16 June 2014

    Hey folks,

    We've been somewhat busy lately with different projects going on. Now, we are happy to announce collaboration with Whiskey-Soda WebZine and as the result - there are some news about Beauty and the Beat Official, Max Lilja and Burnclear. Check the site of our partner - Whiskey Soda.

    24 April 2014

    Today is the last day of MIDEM 2014

    See you next year?

    27 February 2014

    Metal from Finland Collection: Bands call!

    For many years, Metal From Finland has offered support and promotion to hundreds of Finnish bands. This is the reason why Outlanders Productions is very happy to announce a collaboration for the release of a compilation CD featuring ten or more Finnish bands, with the aimed release date in autumn 2014.

    If you are part of a Finnish band playing any sub-genre of metal or rock, no matter if your music is self-released or released through a label which allows you to keep all the rights of your songs, and you are looking for more promotion, feel free to contact us!

    14 November 2013

    Hello folks!

    The news is not really new but is finally official: we are proud and happy to announce we are collaborating with Rowan3 Productions in the organizations and promotion of Tarja Turunen & Harus official traditional Xmas tour in Finland!

    14.12.2013 Orimattila, Orimattilan Kirkko (Harus)
    15.12.2013 Kiuruvesi, Kiuruveden Kirkko (Kiviniemi, Lilja, Myllyoja)
    16.12.2013 Kokkola, Kokkolan Kirkko (Laspas, Lilja, Myllyoja)
    17.12.2013 Kemi, Kemin Kirkko (Kiviniemi)
    19.12.2013 Hämeenlinna, Hämeenlinnan Kirkko (Harus)
    20.12.2013 Jyväskylä, Taulumäen Kirkko (Harus)
    21.12.2013 Lapua, Lapuan Tuomiokirkko (Harus)
    22.12.2013 Orivesi, Oriveden Kirkko (Harus)

    You can read about Christmas 2013 concerts in Tarja's blog!