Dear members of Winter Storm fan clubs,
This year’s special Christmas Tour of Tarja has just been announced. Also this year the concerts in Finland will take place in churches without numbered seats. Every year more international fans are coming to the shows, and that’s why we decided since last year to offer something special only to fan clubs. For those of you who will come to one or two concerts of Tarja’s Christmas Tour 2015, the organiser Outlanders Productions is pleased to offer you:

• a guaranteed front row seat reservation limited to maximum 10 people per show (named reservation), after that the best seats available will still be reserved in the second and third rows (general fan club reservation).
• a free new Christmas Tarja postcard
• for those of you that will come to both shows, a free concert poster

Through Lippupalvelu it is not possible to buy print@home tickets, because at the entrance of churches we can’t have ticket scanner to check barcodes. For this reason and because of the high shipping costs of the ticket service, we decided to offer to fans coming from abroad also the possibility to book tickets in advance through us.

Please note that:

• The offer is exclusive for Winter Storm fan club members and is free of charge.
• The offer is valid only for the shows organised by Outlanders Productions.
• The applications will be accepted on first-come, first-served basis.
• You must already have your own ticket for the concert or book it through us.

In order to apply you should send an email at xmas[at]outlanders-productions.com providing the following information:

• your name, last name, city and country
• your Winter Storm fan club
• concerts you are planning to attend
• photocopies (or proof of purchase) of your tickets OR
• request to book the tickets through us (you will receive instructions by email on how to proceed with the booking)

Deadline to apply for the offer is 15th of December 2015. The reservation will be valid only once you will receive confirmation and instructions by email. More info about the concerts are available at www.tarjaturunen.com and www.outlanders-productions.com

If you are not member of a Winter Storm Fan Club yet, check the list on Tarja’s official website or contact us for more info. For Finland and other Scandinavian countries, please contact our friends at Winter Storm Scandinavia to know how to join the fan club!

Please note: The use of cameras and video and/or audio recording equipment during the concert is strictly prohibited. Flash photography is also prohibited. As an exception, you can take pictures only during the last song of the concert program (without flash).