The Beast Within Me

Scarlet Aura


Genre: Melodic Metal / Rock

Track List

1 The Beast Within Me 6:14
2 Dont's talk to strangers* 5:04
3 If I close my eyes forever (Live) ** 4:56

* feat. Florin Constachita

** from the new album “Memories”, out in 2017

*** recorded at the "Falling Sky" Album Release Concert Bucharest 27th of April 2017, to be released in Spring 2018

The single presents three previously unreleased songs: “The Beast Within Me”, feat. Florin Costachita and available exclusively here, the cover “Don’t Talk to Strangers” (Ronnie James Dio) that anticipates the upcoming album “Memories”, and the live cover “If I Close My Eyes Forever” (Lita Ford feat. Ozzy Osbourne) from the “Falling Sky” tour concert in April 2017 in Bucharest, Romania, that will be released as a live CD & DVD in spring 2018.

Says the singer Aura about “The Beast Within Me”: “As a song writer Mihai wanted to make a song featured with a male growl voice I could play with and he chose Florin for this. The song was composed with the intention to seduce the listeners into the complete opposite charm of these two powerful voices, imagining the fight between them, a fight that in the end reveals a melodic beauty.”

The cover of “If I Close My Eyes Forever” turns the famous duet into a one-voice hymn: “We are very fond of this song and we really think it fits to our fears and emotions. I end up crying when I sing it, living every word and note, transforming it into a one voice message that somehow became ours.” A studio version of the song will be included in the upcoming album “Memories”: “We realized how blessed we are taking part of this miracle that it's called music and all other writers and bands inspired us and made the sparkle become fire within us, and how many memories we have with their music alongside.... this is how the idea of the album was born.”


"The song ["The Beast Within Me",] turned out to be multifaceted and very "theatrical". Thanks to the non-standard structure, the aggressive vocals of Florin Kostachita, who was invited to be a special guest on this song, and Aura’s emotional manner of performing, you suddenly find yourself sympathizing with the lyrical heroes. ... Talking about cover versions of "Do not Talk to Strangers" and "If I Close My Eyes Forever", I can’t help noticing the band's approach to the reworking of these songs. There is not only the professional performance of rock hits, but also the feelings that Aura puts in every line. ... The single "The Beast Within Me" fulfilled its role, becoming a link between "Falling Sky", marking a significant change in the band’s history, and the upcoming album "Memories". Progress is obvious: the atmosphere is sustained from the first second to the last one, melodious bridges and roaring, raw guitars replace each other that makes the sound of the single closer to heavy metal. " - 08/2017

MetalGossip, 8/10

"Serving as kind of a sneak peek of the band’s upcoming covers album, Memories, The Beast Within Me brings forth a new song and two covers in this single. The new track, “The Beast Within Me”, keeps the symphonic metal/rock palette mostly in check, but admirably tries to go a bit heavier with harsh vocals in addition to Aura’s clean presence. Some straight-forward heaviness to the riffs allow the vocals to feel more compatible, and while it’s not entirely original, it’s done well. Covers of “Don’t Talk to Strangers” and “If I Close My Eyes Forever” round things out. They don’t stray too far from the originals, but still work nonetheless." – Kyle McGinn, 08/2017

Dead Rhetoric

"The single “The Beast Within Me” provides me with a decent idea of what Scarlet Aura's own songs sound like. This single, featuring Florin Costachita, is actually the best song I've heard from this band today. It's a classic old school hard rock song, best to be compared with Doro and Lita, also containing some harsh male vocals. " - 10/2017

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